We are excited to play GooseChase with you on Friday, January 29th from 7 – 8:30 pm! If you’ve never played before, GooseChase is a virtual scavenger hunt you can safely play with your family in your home. You will have a series of “missions” to complete and earn points. Families will win prizes through creativity, innovation, and speed. The game and the app are accessible to all Waukee Schools families. Your team can have two people or 10, and all ages are welcome!  Your family can join the fun for free or you can choose to make a donation to the Foundation!

Here’s what you need to know to get ready – just click on each link to learn more!

  1. Register for the game.

  2. Download GooseChase and create your team!

  3. Read through the Pro Tips before playing the game.

  4. The game will automatically start at 7 pm on Friday, January 29.

  5. If you enjoy the experience and feel moved to support our mission, we would love a freewill donation. Consider what your family might pay for a night at the movies or a visit to a ball game!

Good luck! Thanks for playing! 

  • Register Your Team

    Fill out this form to register your team. Please note, upon submitting the form, you will see an on-screen notification with the game name, game code, and game password. You will need these three things to play the game, so write them down or print it out!

  • Getting Ready To Play

    Downloading GooseChase and creating your team Download the app “GooseChase” on your smartphone or tablet (available in all app stores for all operating systems). Only one device is needed per household. To make it super easy to find, here’s the app icon: Once downloaded, the app will ask if you want to “Play with new...

  • Pro Tips!

    Psst… We’re going to let you in on a few secrets so you can play successfully! The missions are organized by point value. The highest value missions are at the bottom of the list – and these are also the missions that will take the most time! So if you’re in it to win it,...

  • Freewill Donation

    We hope you enjoy playing GooseChase with the Waukee Community Schools Foundation. If you feel moved to make a freewill donation to support our mission and offset the costs of operating the game, please click here.  We’d also love to get your feedback so we can improve the experience for the next round of players!