Downloading GooseChase and creating your team

  1. Download the app “GooseChase” on your smartphone or tablet (available in all app stores for all operating systems). Only one device is needed per household. To make it super easy to find, here’s the app icon:
  2. Once downloaded, the app will ask if you want to “Play with new account” or “Play as a guest.” Your choice! Your experience playing the game will not be different playing as a guest or with an account. If you create an account, when it comes time to create a team name, your account name will automatically be your team name.
  3. Search for a game. Search for “Waukee Community Schools Foundation: CommUNITY Night.” You can also just search for Waukee and the game will appear! Note: the search bar can be hard to see – it’s within the purple banner at the top of the screen. You may also search by the game code you received when you registered.
  4. Click on the blue bar that reads “Select Team & Join Game!”
  5. Click on “Create Team.” You’ll get a prompt to enter the game password – you also received this when you registered.
  6. If you’re using a created account, your team name will automatically appear. If you’re playing as a guest, we suggest using your family name or a fun play on your family name. For example, “The Broberg Takeover” or “Gojkovich Gang.”
  7. Once you’ve created a team name, it’ll tell you that we’re waiting to start. The game will automatically begin on January 29th at 7 pm.

CHILD SAFETY: The Waukee Community Schools Foundation is committed to ensuring the safety of all youth as we interact in a virtual environment. Please note that no participants are able to message each other directly, nor is any direct contact information visible to anyone other than the Game Administrators (the Foundation) at any point before, during, or after the game. We recommend never posting identifiable content (such as your home address) as a response to a GooseChase mission. All participants are verified by the Game Administrators in advance of the game and any participant who does not appropriately engage the virtual experience will be immediately removed from the game. No photos or videos will be shared by the Foundation without the written permission of parents/guardians.

GAME MONITORING: The game is monitored from start to finish. Any questionable or inappropriate content will be deleted immediately. Participants will be warned via direct message from the Game Administrators and may be removed from the game entirely.

Questions or concerns? We’ve got you! Send us an email at and we’ll help you out!