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  • Making Music at Maple Grove

    Mrs. Helling is quite in tune these days with her music students at Maple Grove Elementary. They are excited about the new instruments they received last year from a classroom grant provided by the Waukee Community Schools Foundation. Mrs. Helling was able to purchase five Contra Bass Bars. In the picture above, it’s the large...

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  • Virtual Field Trips

    Shuler Elementary Technology teacher Shannon Fleming was about to surprise her students with a fun field trip. This 1st-grade class has been studying communities, so she decided to supplement the curriculum by taking them to different communities around the globe. The best part? They don’t have to leave Shuler to experience them! Fleming applied for...

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  • Agriculture at APEX

    Students at Waukee APEX, the Innovation and Learning Center, are performing the kinds of agricultural experiments you might expect to see at places like Pioneer in Johnston! The Waukee Community Schools Foundation provided a classroom grant to Holly Showalter, Ph.D., a Research Instructor at APEX, to purchase plant growth racks and supplies. Students started using...

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  • Students Solve Fairytales

    “This is so much cooler than just reading the story!” Most people are familiar with the story “Goldilocks and the Three Bears,” when Goldilocks goes into the bears’ home and tries to find food, a place to sit, and a place to rest. Students in Megan Trader’s class at Grant Ragan Elementary are now experiencing...

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