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  • Breaking Out at Prairieview

              Your challenge, should you choose to accept it: find clues and break out before time runs out! Escape chambers are a popular activity, and now students and staff at Prairieview School are able to participate in the classroom! 8th grade English and Advanced English teacher Becky Vandermark received a grant from...

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  • Harlem Wizards in Waukee!

    The world-famous Harlem Wizards will bring their high-flying, slam-dunking, rim-rattling basketball show to the Waukee High School Field House on Monday, October 14that 6:30 p.m. The Wizards will play a game against a team of Waukee administrators, teachers, and community leaders. The event will feature a variety of fun interactive extras to complement the Wizards’...

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  • Eason’s Outdoor Classroom

    Eason Elementary teacher Ashley Ohmstede’s 5th grade students were so inspired by their field trip to Kuehn Conservation in the fall of 2017, they felt motivated to do more to help the environment. One student mentioned rehabilitating the neglected Nature Center outside of the school. The seed was planted! In the summer of 2018, a...

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  • Reduce, Reuse, and Give!

      More and more cities and states are moving to curb pollution from plastic, and many consumers are sacking the plastic bags in favor of reusable ones. Did you know if you use a reusable bag for your groceries, Hy-Vee will give you $.05 back? During the month of September, the Waukee and West Lakes...

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