“Madison is not afraid to take risks and try new ideas out in education if it will create a better outcome for students.”

– Stephanie Economos, Woodland Hills Elementary

The 2020 Waukee Schools Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence has been awarded to Madison Reindl, 2nd-grade teacher at Woodland Hills Elementary. Miss Reindl was nominated by fellow teacher, Stephanie Economos, for displaying innovation, integrity, and leadership. Miss Reindl was surprised and honored by Foundation Board members, friends, family, students, and administrators at Woodland Hills.

In her nomination submission, Economos pointed to one example of Reindl’s dedication:

“Madison has largely contributed to the uplifting of her team’s reading and writing units throughout the year. After closely studying author Katie Wood Ray by herself, Madison inspired her entire team to engage in a book study to better learn how to be writing teachers. She conducted meetings and countless conversations to better understand this work as she lead the team of teachers through her example and passion. This work proved to be beyond effective instruction, as our students are more successful and passionate writers to this day.”

The Waukee Community Schools Foundation is proud to recognize Miss Reindl for her passionate leadership and touching dedication to her students. She will receive $1,000 for her classroom and will be honored at the 2020 Annual Auction Event. (purchase tickets here)