Brookview Elementary Mural


Students entering Brookview Elementary School this fall will no doubt want to stop and have their pictures taken in front of a wonderful new addition to the front entrance. The Waukee Schools Foundation provided a classroom grant to Art Teacher Amanda Olberding for a permanent school mural.

Olberding teamed up with artist Amy Putney Koenig for this project. To get things rolling, Olberding shared some of Putney Koenig’s artwork and previous┬ámural projects from around Des Moines with her students. Putney Koenig then visited the school last winter and asked students what they would like to see on the mural. The conversation focused on school culture, images, and words to inspire learning.

Putney Koenig used all those ideas to create her sketch. She drew it in chalk, and then every student in the school had the opportunity to pick up a paintbrush! Olberding scheduled all of her classes and students to come and paint on the wall and work with Putney Koenig.

Olberding said the best part about the project was the excitement from all staff and students: “It was constantly changing and being added to so as the kids would walk by, they would notice more and more about it.” She said the creative energy continued even after the mural had been painted. “Students have their parents take their pictures in front of the part that they painted and to see the pride that they had about being a part of the project truly made it something special,” she said.

Brookview Elementary Mural

Thank you to our donors and sponsors who helped make this project possible!