The Waukee Community Schools Foundation is proud to unveil a new logo and color scheme. We want to share with you our reasons for the change, and what it represents for the Foundation and our Waukee Schools community.

The new logo depicts a lightbulb with many different connections. It reflects our mission of empowering Waukee District students. It shows our commitment to funding innovative and interesting classroom tools. It also signifies the many connections made in our schools and community – between students and educators, parents and community leaders, and businesses that support our schools.

Color is an important part of our new logo. As you know, Waukee will be opening Northwest High School in 2021. The logo not only includes Waukee Warrior purple, but also Northwest Wolves Warrior Blue. The chartreuse green ties back to the district overall.

We are very excited about this change and feel it signals positive forward momentum for the Foundation. Our Board of Directors is committed to supporting our Waukee students through classroom grants, professional development grants, and scholarships.