More and more cities and states are moving to curb pollution from plastic, and many consumers are sacking the plastic bags in favor of reusable ones. Did you know if you use a reusable bag for your groceries, Hy-Vee will give you $.05 back?

During the month of September, the Waukee and West Lakes Hy-Vee locations will give customers the option of donating that $.05 per bag to the Waukee Community Schools Foundation. Just let the cashier know, and your money will help support Waukee schools, teachers and students!

And, you can help show your support of the Waukee Community Schools Foundation by picking up one of these special reusable bags designed by Raygun! The bags are on sale now at the Waukee Hy-Vee location.

Thanks to Raygun and Hy-Vee for their generous support of the Waukee Community Schools Foundation!