A Waukee Community School District Spoken Word Poetry Workshop will be held next week on Thursday, April 29, from 3:30pm to 5:15pm at Waukee High School. This workshop is open to all Waukee District students, grades 8-12.

Dr. Lindsay Law, Director of Equity, applied for a classroom grant from the Waukee Community Schools Foundation to fund the experience. She said the grant will offer Waukee students opportunities for expression and collaboration in literacy and the arts. “Spoken word poetry offers an authentic outlet for artistic expressions infused with historical and relevant societal topics,” Dr. Law said.  “Spoken word poetry also provides an opportunity for underrepresented voices, alongside students and mentors, to engage in solidarity for student identity and equity. The workshop will offer a brave space community for youth to experience themselves and each other in this way, which has never before been facilitated in Waukee Community Schools.”

The Waukee Community Schools Foundation is proud to partner with Farmers State Bank to fund this innovative student experience. Adrianne Towe, WCSF Executive Director, said, “We’re incredibly excited to support this program and the youth impacted through this program. We are lucky to have educators with this kind of vision for our community’s youth.” Students may RSVP by filling out this online form.

Curious about Spoken Word Poetry? Click here to view a piece performed by Waukee students!