The Waukee Community Schools Foundation supports our schools by fulfilling our mission: empower every Waukee student to achieve their aspirations by enhancing their educational experience. 


  • Grants

    The Foundation provides funding to fuel our mission: empower all Waukee District students to achieve their aspirations by enhancing their educational experience. Grants are available to all WCSD employees, students, and registered parent organizations. The Foundation also funds Professional Development grants, which are distributed by district administration. 2021-22 GRANT GUIDELINES (after reviewing the guidelines, click...

  • Scholarships

    The Waukee Schools Foundation has pledged a minimum of $25,000 per year for our senior scholarships. We award $1,000 scholarships to students who have made a positive impact on their family, school, or community. The number of scholarships can be increased based on donation support. This scholarship is not GPA-based and is open to anyone that has...

  • Teaching Award

    The Waukee Schools Foundation Award for Teaching Excellence Innovation. Leadership. Integrity. This award was created to recognize the work of one person within the Waukee district who elevates the standard and works to integrate and elevate education. This person goes above and beyond in the classroom and truly makes an impact on students. 2021 Award...