Classroom Grant Information

Classroom grants are designed to inspire and assist Waukee teachers at all grade levels to accomplish the best in class learning for Waukee students. Teachers are encouraged to apply for grants for classroom supplies and innovative learning tools that are not supported by the district budget.  ​

Professional Development Grant Information

The Foundation is pleased to provide funding for Professional Development, however, please note these grants are distributed by the district. You may contact Associate Superintendent Terry Hurlburt for more information.

  • Classroom Grants

    The Waukee Community Schools Foundation provides classroom grants to support innovative programs within the school district. During the 2018-2019 school year, the Foundation awarded a total of $24,047 in classroom grants. This money directly impacts the educational experience of students by providing new ways to learn and have fun! Classroom grants approved this year include:...

  • Professional Development Grants

    The Waukee Community Schools Foundation supports the school district through funding for Professional Development Grants. These grants provide continuing education for our teachers so they may provide the highest level of education for our students. The Foundation does not distribute these grants. For more information, please contact Associate Superintendent Terry Hurlburt.