Our Mission:

Empower all Waukee District students to achieve their aspirations by enhancing their educational experience.

The Waukee Community Schools Foundation supports the school district in three primary areas:

  • Classroom grants to support the innovative programs and student experiences in our rapidly growing school district

  • Funding for professional development and continuing education for our teachers to inspire the highest level of education for our students

  • Scholarships for our graduating seniors

Our Board of Directors is composed of dedicated parents and community leaders who support quality education. 

Board of Directors

  • Adrianne Towe

    Adrianne Towe

    Executive Director

  • Heidi Gojkovich

    Heidi Gojkovich

    Director of Communications

  • Kristin Broberg

    Kristin Broberg

    President, Grants Committee Chair

  • Tony Giudicessi

    Tony Giudicessi

    Vice President

  • Travis Wilson

    Travis Wilson

    Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

  • Wendy Marsh

    Wendy Marsh

    Secretary, Grants Committee, Golf Outing Committee

  • Andrea Lawrence

    Andrea Lawrence

    Annual Auction Events Committee, Grants Committee

  • Liz Rivenburgh

    Liz Rivenburgh

    Scholarship Committee

  • Sam Rouse

    Sam Rouse

    Business Development Committee

  • Todd McGowan

    Todd McGowan

    Wizards Event Committee

  • Rhett Oselette

    Rhett Oselette

    Community Outreach Chair, Grants Committee, Golf Outing Event Committee

  • Elizabeth Olson

    Elizabeth Olson

    Volunteer Coordinator Chair, Annual Auction Event Committee

  • Karen Goldsworth

    Karen Goldsworth

    Golf Outing Committee Chair

  • Marsha Mezger

    Marsha Mezger

    Grants Committee, Annual Auction Event Committee, Scholarships Committee

  • Daniel Ricklefs

    Daniel Ricklefs

    Scholarship Committee Chair

  • Pamela Becker

    Pamela Becker

    Auction Committee

  • Chad Terry

    Chad Terry

    Finance Committee

  • Michael Trettin

    Michael Trettin

    Scholarship Committee, Finance Committee