Our Mission:

Empower all Waukee District students to achieve their aspirations by enhancing their educational experience.

Our Board of Directors is composed of dedicated parents and community leaders who support quality education. 

Board of Directors

  • Adrianne Towe

    Adrianne Towe

    Executive Director

  • Heidi Gojkovich

    Heidi Gojkovich

    Director of Communications

  • Tony Giudicessi

    Tony Giudicessi


  • Elizabeth Olson

    Elizabeth Olson

    Vice President, Auction Event Committee

  • Travis Wilson

    Travis Wilson


  • Wendy Marsh

    Wendy Marsh


  • Kristin Broberg

    Kristin Broberg

    Past President

  • Andrea Lawrence

    Andrea Lawrence

    Auction Event Committee

  • Liz Rivenburgh

    Liz Rivenburgh

  • Sam Rouse

    Sam Rouse

  • Todd McGowan

    Todd McGowan

  • Rhett Oselette

    Rhett Oselette

  • Karen Goldsworth

    Karen Goldsworth

  • Daniel Ricklefs

    Daniel Ricklefs

  • Pamela Becker

    Pamela Becker

  • Chad Terry

    Chad Terry

  • Michael Trettin

    Michael Trettin