Our Mission:

Empower all Waukee District students to achieve their aspirations by enhancing their educational experience.

The Waukee Community Schools Foundation supports the school district in 3 primary areas:

  • Classroom grants to support the innovative programs and capital needs of our rapidly growing school district

  • Funding for professional development and continuing education for our teachers to inspire the highest level of education for our students

  • “Funding Your Future” Scholarships for our graduating seniors

The Waukee School District grows by about 500-600 students each year. Many Iowa school districts have about 500 students total! So, you could say that Waukee grows by an entire school district each and every year!

In Iowa, state funding for public education is determined by the previous year’s enrollment. That means Waukee is educating 500-600 students every year with zero public funding. That’s where the Foundation steps in to assist teachers and educators with innovative learning tools and opportunities to continue educating our children at the highest level. We strive to make an impact on your child’s educational experience.

Our Board of Directors is composed of dedicated parents and community leaders who support quality education. The Board meets bi-monthly. Future meeting dates in 2019 are:

  • October 16
  • December 18

Board of Directors

  • Gina Campos

    Gina Campos

    Executive Director

  • Heidi Gojkovich

    Heidi Gojkovich

    Director of Communications

  • Kristin Broberg

    Kristin Broberg

    President, Grants Committee, Chair Events Committee

  • Will Petersen

    Will Petersen

    Vice President

  • Travis Wilson

    Travis Wilson

    Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair

  • Wendy Marsh

    Wendy Marsh

    Secretary, Executive Committee, Grants Committee

  • Nikki Opsal

    Nikki Opsal

    Events Committee

  • Andrea Lawrence

    Andrea Lawrence

    Events Committee Co-Chair

  • Liz Rivenburgh

    Liz Rivenburgh

    Events Committee Co-Chair

  • Sam Rouse

    Sam Rouse

    Scholarships Committee

  • Dan Gehlbach

    Dan Gehlbach

    Scholarships Committee Chair, Finance Committee

  • Todd McGowan

    Todd McGowan

    Finance Committee

  • Ken Hagen

    Ken Hagen

    Grants Committee

  • Tony Giudicessi

    Tony Giudicessi

    Events Committee

  • Kirk Kooken

    Kirk Kooken

    Events Committee

  • Rhett Oselette

    Rhett Oselette

    Grants Committee

  • Elizabeth Olson

    Elizabeth Olson

    Volunteer Coordinator, Events Committee

  • Karen Goldsworth

    Karen Goldsworth

  • Marsha Mezger

    Marsha Mezger

    Grants Committee