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Teaching Excellence Award

  • Testimonials

    "The Foundation granted my request, on behalf of all of the K-5 technology teachers in the district, for a Google Expedition kit... to hear the excitement and see the engagement of students when using the virual reality goggles is amazing! I feel so fortunate to live and work in a district that supports students' learning in this innovative way."

    Shannon Fleming, Shuler Elementary Technology teacher

  • Testimonials

    "We purchased leveled guided reading books that the students are able to take home and practice reading at their independent level. We received positive feedback from parents at conferences as to how excited their children were to be reading to them. The BV kindergarten team is very appreciative that the Foundation approved our grant!"

    Linda Warman, Brookview Elementary kindergarten teacher

  • Testimonials

    "I was able to attend a Responsive Classroom for Specials Teachers conference in Chicago. This was an excellent conference to help me grow as a computer teacher... it was nice to brainstorm and communicate with other specials teachers from around the midwest and hear their stories of success and help problem solve common struggles we may all share because of our unique roles."

    Laura Mueller, Grant Ragan Technology teacher

  • Testimonials

    "I want to thank the Waukee Foundation so much for the SWIVL C5. We use it all the time-by far the most used tool in my Speech 1 class."

    Shelley Leiser, Timberline Speech/Drama Teacher

  • Testimonials

    "The IHT Spirit System is a new tool for me to see what I need to do differently, through instruction or setup time, to allow kids to reach their goals in P.E classes. It's also a great motivator for kids, who are starting to pay attention to their movements and how it corresponds to the lights on their heart monitors!"

    Chris Roberts, Walnut Hills Elementary

  • Testimonials

    A huge thank you goes out to the Waukee Community Schools Foundation for the grant they awarded to the Physical Education Department. We were able to add Fitlight Training to our PE classes and can't wait to continue to explore all the possibilities it will bring.

    Waukee High School Physical Education

  • Testimonials

    The Foundation Grants have allowed us to attend the Iowa Bandmasters Annual State Conference.  This is the biggest Professional Learning Community available for band directors around the state.  This conference lives up to it’s mission statement:  The IBA is a professional organization whose mission is to promote excellence in bands through professional development, mentorship, performance, and advocacy.  We have had the opportunity to further our professional development as well as to be session presenters on how we teach jazz pedagogy & conduct rehearsals at Waukee Middle School.  Thank you to the Waukee Foundation for helping us to further our music education, so that we may further our student’s music education!

    Mary Crandell & Deb Dunn, Waukee Middle School & Prairieview

2021-22 Focus Areas

  • Innovation

    Take risks, disrupt the norm, spark change

  • Wellness

    Social, emotional, mental, physical wellness

  • Sense of Belonging

    Celebrate beauty and strength in diversity

Our Mission

Empower all Waukee District students to achieve their aspirations by enhancing their educational experience.

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What's happening with the Foundation?

  • Impact Report: Mental Health Grant

    Note: an earlier version of this article referenced the program at Waukee Middle School. This new version reflects the program was implemented at Prairieview School. At the beginning of the 2021-22 school year, the Waukee Community Schools Foundation committed to supporting and funding the Waukee Community School District in three primary areas: innovation, wellness, and...

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  • New Bus Routes Provide New Opportunities

    Waukee, Iowa, June 28 – The Waukee Community Schools Foundation is a 2022 Casey’s Cash for Classrooms grant recipient. The Foundation received $10,000 for added transportation costs within the Waukee Community Schools District. The District identified a need for added bus routes to ensure kids who lacked transportation could get home from after school sports...

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  • Foundation Funds ‘High Priority’ For District

    The Waukee Community Schools Foundation is making a major investment in the classroom experience of every single Waukee student. The Foundation’s Board of Directors approved a $19,000 Professional Development Grant to the district. The funding will allow two teachers from every school to attend a High Reliability Schools (HRS) conference in June. The Waukee Community...

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